Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nate-isms Continued

Last week Eric was talking to the girls and jokingly said "Dad has issues"

Nathan looked up from a game he was playing and without skipping a beat said, "Yep, Daddy has lots of shoes. Lots of shoes in his closet!"


Nathan has a pretty bad cold right now and at dinner announced to all at the table, he was very thirsty and he needed a drink. He turned to me, handing me his cup, "Mama, would you get me a drink?" I waited, expectantly. "Pleeeeaaaasseeee?" I happily got up to get him some water. While I was up, Mackenzie, (the most independent five year old you will ever meet) impatiently asked, "Nathan, why don't you just get your own water?"
Nathan responded indignantly with a 'duh' face, shaking his head, "I just did!"


Tonight I went in to lie by Nathan at bedtime in an effort to get him to fall asleep quickly. I was lying on my side away from him when I felt a soft tapping on my shoulder.
N: "Mama, can I tell you a secret?"
Me: Bemused, "Of course, you can."
N: "Um, um, Mama? What's a secret? I do not know what is a secret."
Me: "Great question! A secret is something you tell someone that you don't want anyone else to know. Like if you bought someone a birthday present you can't tell them because it would ruin the surprise, but you could tell someone else the secret if they won't ruin the surprise."
N: "Oh. OK, um there was a bear and a mama bear and the girl said AAAHHHH! The girl likes the bears. That's all. The end. It's over."
Me: "Wow, I love your story about the bears!"
N: "It's not a story! It's a secret!"