Monday, June 13, 2011

Heaven being Seven

My Li'l Lindsay is seven!? At our home, we do a friend party every other year and this was 'family party' year. It was met with much begging and pleading for friends but she had a great time in spite of her very stubborn mom sticking with the rule. Lindsay wanted to go bowling and have pizza for her birthday. Bowling was very fun (translation, I won. tee hee hee)! When I say pizza, I should clarify, Punch Pizza. Seriously the best part of Minnesota. Punch specializes in traditional Neapolitan pizza baked in a wood-burning brick oven at 800 degrees for 90 seconds and it is divine. Then we went home to have unicorn cake and ice cream :-)

Favorite Color: Purple & Pink
Song: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
Book: Junie B. Jones Series
TV show: iCarly
Video Game: Wii Just Dance
Height: 45.6 inches
Weight: 48.6 lbs
Hobbies: Writing and Illustrating stories, playing soccer, riding her bike, singing, acting
New News: Haven't lost a tooth yet, but has a tooth growing in behind one :-D Hoping for a Tooth Fairy visit in the near future.

Notice the bowling ball brand... Linds, she was thrilled!

Dad, making the wish possible

Making a wish...
Lindsay, Katryn, Mackenzie, & Nathan post party ;-)
Mom & Lindsay Bear