Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When we moved here to Minnesota, I was pregnant with Mackenzie and so I am quite confused at the fact that she turned four today... didn't we just get here?

I think she had a wonderful day. It actually started last night when I took her grocery shopping alone with me to buy her preschool birthday snacks. (I wish it were still legal to bring homemade goodies to school but that it another post entirely) She picked cinnamon donut holes, rainbow goldfish crackers and juice boxes. A very "I'm Four" combination. Our favorite grocery checker, Ms. Nancy, wished her a happy birthday and she thought that was wonderful. On our way home Mack gasped and told me her birthday outfit was dirty. Birthday outfit? "Yes, the one I got last year for my birthday! I don't have any birthday clothes to wear to preschool!" I told her I was sure we could find something cute for her to wear knowing she had a 'birthday outfit' waiting to be wrapped at home. I told her she could open a present in the morning. She was still a bit distressed but calmed down at the prospect of a gift in the morning.

In the morning we gave her the present to open. Wide eyed and smiley she quickly uncovered....wait for it.... A BIRTHDay outfit... That was her exact reaction. Excitement until she saw it was just clothes. Then she asked if she could open a 'present' like I had promised. I explained to her that it was the present and asked if she liked it. Finally grasping the truth, she turned back to the outfit and agreed that it was very cute and that she would like to wear it to preschool.

She looked adorable. The kids loved her menu choices and her teacher made her a birthday crown that she barely took off all day!

For her special dinner menu she requested macaroni 'n cheese with hotdogs and orange Gatorade. The orange Gatorade was for her and she asked if we could get everyone's favorite flavor for each to enjoy. We also enjoyed ice cream sundaes at her request. Keeping in mind that she likes vanilla ice cream. Period. No chocolate sauce, sprinkles, toppings, etc. She agreed to try some banana in hers this time, but it was a failure. Gross. Just plain vanilla please.
Presents were a success. How could they not be when you are four? Unless of course it is clothes when you are expecting, you know, presents.

She received more Squinkies (Google them, too hard to explain), new princess sheets, an orange letter 'M' for her room and a huge box of crafts. Happy girl. :-) Mack really wanted to celebrate her birthday with her family and a friend at Chuck E Cheese, but we don't have an open night for that until next Tuesday. So she is continuing the celebration next week. So tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel for part 2.

Happy Birthday Mack-a-doodle! We love you!

Age 4
Favorite Colors: Orange, Pink, & all of them
Favorite Food: Mac 'n' cheese
Height: 3' 5"
Weight: 36 lbs
Eye Color: Gray with a brown outline around the pupil (try fitting that on your driver's license)
Hair Color: Dark blonde
Favorite Song: 10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
Favorite Book: Any Dora the Explorer book
Activities: Playing in the snow, crafting, singing, writing her name, drawing, Zhu Zhu pets,


Jen Hakes said...

Glad to here from you! Birthdays are the best!

Kristin said...

I'm trying to get blogging again :-) If I start slacking again message me :-)

Gramma said...

Mackenzie, I love your birthday outfit! You look so cute!

chelsea said...

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mars mell-o said...

she is so cute ... =)

mars mell-o said...

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Minnesota Fun! said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mack. One of these birthdays we need to just celebrate Jacob and Mackenzie's birthday together. We are going to Chuck-e-cheese on Saturday. Hope you have fun on Tuesday.

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Mackenzie! Don't forget your "great' Aunt in Utah. Four is the best. So big!

CB said...

Hi Kristin,
I was very interested in your blog. I enjoyed Mack Birthday post and I am still looking forward to the blog about the Chuck-E-Cheese extravaganza. My son likes to go to Chuck-E-Cheese too. I enjoyed the pictures and will wait for your next blog :-)

MyrtleHernandez said...

oh! your douther is so preety and look like smart little girl.
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Green said...

she's so cute! ;)

Pedagang Mousepad said...
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Lloyd said...

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Kris said...

lovely! :) happy birthday to Mackenzie !!!


Clergna said...

aww she is so cute (: happy b-day for her (:

Lauralee said...

cute pics

Lathavijayakumar said...

superb to hear about ur baby

Robin W. said...

Hello from your newest follower! I featured your blog on mine, check it out :) Cant wait to read more about you and your family!


Trina said...

Your daughter is very adorable. I bet with a loving mom like you, she'd grew up to be a really great kid! Good luck on parenting!

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