Saturday, October 23, 2010

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes?

The kids were off school on Thursday and Friday for MEA. Thursday morning, after we all happily slept in, we piled in the car and went out to breakfast at Perkins. (Obviously a special occasion) By the way, if anyone is interested in opening up a breakfast place here in Minnesota, it could be quite lucrative as our breakfast options are few. Anyone? Anyone? I digress. While waiting for our meals, Nathan became quite restless. Coloring wasn't going to do it this time. So we started playing the favorite 'Name the Body Part' game.
Me: What's this?
N: Nose
Me: What's this?
N: Cheeks
Me: What's this?
N: Ears
Me: What's this?
N: Chin
Me: What's this? (I'm holding up my hand)
N: High Fives!
Me: (Chortling. Laughing some more.)
Me: What's this? (Holding up my fist and pointing to my hand)
N: Knuckos! (Knuckles, as in fist bumps)
Me: I give up! (laughing)
N: OK Mom (laughing)
3 minutes later I try again...
Me: What's this? (This time wiggling my fingers slightly to pull his attention to the fingers/hand)
N: Tickles!