Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today was a day sans soccer for the Memorial weekend so we took advantage to run some errands. We drove out to the Albertville Outlet Mall (30 miles or so) to get some shorts, sunglasses and flip flops for the kids. After we were done, we stopped at our favorite restaurant out there, Space Aliens Grill & Bar. Think the "Crash Down" from the show Roswell, but way better. They seriously have my favorite ribs which are simply 'out of this world'. The place is full of alien ware and pictures. The ceiling is painted in an outer space theme and on occasion we are lucky enough to be visited by an alien. He is about seven and a half feet tall and walks throughout the restaurant waving at the customers. We had met him once before but this time Nate was unimpressed. He covered his ears and kept them covered for the next 20+ minutes, long after the alien had left. Understand that said alien made absolutely no sound. Nate did not cover his eyes even once, but the ears remained covered. This became a real problem when his dinner was brought out. He finally decided he could let go of one ear while the other held the spoon.

Nate keeping a close eye on our friend as he left our area

Too Close (for comfort) Encounters

The kids were all such great sports throughout the day and all the other errands, we stopped for Icees on the way home. After we got home and finished off our treat, we sent the kids out to play in the backyard. (I am pretty sure they were nearly outside before I finished the suggestion) Eric and I got to work filling squirt bottles, guns and a Super Soaker attached to a 2 liter bottle. We snuck through the basement and quietly opened the door a crack. Eric opened fire and the screams started! :-) After we got them all pretty well soaked, we shared some of our weaponry and they got us back tenfold. It was a wonderful day.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Samson No More

My sweet baby had the most beautiful golden curly locks. It was time to lose the curls and let him look like the sweet little boy he is. Nathan did great during the entire haircut with just two exceptions. The first was when the stylist stood in front of the Barney video he was watching and the second was when she had the 'audacity' to turn on the clippers at the end. Nathan hated the sound. In fact he was in mid cry when she finished and the cry ended the moment she turned it off. He looks so handsome. (Much to my relief, when his hair gets wet the curls show up again)


The locks I love...

Watch the ear lady!


I am not convinced it was worth it...but my Mommy says I look handsome!