Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Break in Spokane

We had a wonderful time in Spokane! We were able to spend time with everyone. The kids were spoiled and loved it of course.
Some of our favorite memories in completely random order:
*The kids piled on and around Brandon watching Disney's Robin Hood on You Tube.
*Katryn and the girls doing crafts with Aunt Michelle and Katelyn
*Playing Blokus (a tradition now)
*The kids went to Chuck E. Cheese with Aunt Michelle, Brandon, and Katelyn.
*Going swimming with Aunt Melanee, Uncle Mark, Aaron and Ryan at the YMCA.
*Going to Riverfront park with the Malmoe's, riding the Carousel, sliding on the Big Red Wagon, feeding the 'goat'
*Pedicure with Nana
*The best Donuts ever at Donut Parade
*Decorating Easter Eggs with Nana, and spilling 3 of the 6 colors...
*The girls all working on a collaborative art piece with Uncle Arlon
*Linds and Katryn went to the Children's Museum with Aunt Melanee
*Nate wearing his newspaper pirate hat Papa folded for him
*Trip to the White Elephant
Spokane Slide Show Snippet :-)