Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Answered Prayers

Well we have had quite a bit of snow over the last couple of days (10+ inches). Of course this is when Eric is out of the country on a business trip. He has managed to escape many 'opportunities' to snow blow while traveling. It is a gift he has, traveling while it snows here in Minne-snow-ta. To be fair, it does stress him out knowing he can't be there to help. The good news: I was able to dig out our driveway 4 times yesterday, help 3 neighbors with their snow dilemmas, and best of all...dig out a garbage truck stuck at the end of our cul-de-sac. The garbage truck was quite fun. I watched for awhile thinking something that big would have no trouble with the snow. I finally grabbed two shovels and headed down. Much to my surprise, the garbage man was not a man at all. :-) She hopped right out, cheerfully and thankfully took my other shovel and we proceeded to get her free. Later my neighbor came home from work and misjudged the snowbank and got her car quite stuck. Fortunately, Katryn saw the whole thing and came to tell me she was going out to help. I smiled, grateful to know where her heart was. We both got our snow gear on and went over. We were all quite a sight, but we were able to get the job done :-) Today, my sweet neighbor came over to tell me, she had literally been praying, saying "God, how am I going to get this car out? It is just me and my son. How can we do this?" when she looked up to see us walking across the street, shovels in hand. She wanted me to know we were an answer to her prayer and that God was looking out for her. The most wonderful feeling came over me. It was three years ago, almost to the day, when Eric was on this same trip, and we had a tremendous snow storm, I had a newborn inside with severe acid reflux, who hardly let me lie her down for more than 15 minutes at a time. I opened our garage to see an amount of snow I didn't think I would be able to handle, even with a snow blower. I silently prayed. "How can I do this? Please help me." I started clearing the driveway. Not 5 minutes went by when I heard this same neighbor calling to me. She said not to worry, she was sending her two boys over to help me. (Schools were closed due to the snow that day). My neighbors were my answer. God was looking out for me and my family. Miracles are around us daily, we just need to notice them and be willing and open to be a part of them.

My Mommy finally let me out!

Today was Nathan's first real experience playing in the snow. I think it was a love/hate kind of experience.

The first impression

So the play equipment doesn't work so well in the snow

My unwilling angel...

I love these cheeks!