Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm a BIG girl Mom!

Mackenzie turned three today! Where has the last three years gone? I remember her birth so vividly. My little miracle. There is something about her personality that amazes me. She know what she likes. She is very decisive. We had a Dora the Explorer birthday party for her today. When asked who she would like to invite to her party she listed everyone in our family. I didn't argue. :-) We did the full on party here with just us. It was wonderful and she was thrilled! Mack and I went to Party City on Saturday so she could pick out what she wanted for the party. We had Dora plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, balloons, party hats and cake. Lots of accents of orange and pink since these are her two favorite colors. She was so thrilled with the entire evening. Dinner Menu: Mummy Dogs (aka pigs in a blanket), broccoli, steamed carrots and juice. Then it was present time. Since this was a 'Dora' party, she had a 'Map' to show her where her presents were hidden. She had a blast running through the house to find her gifts. Yelling "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for my birthday and my presents!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Words to live by

Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Just Desserts

After dinner last night, I had one of my favorite desserts: a bowl of canned peaches with a 'healthy' dollop of plain yogurt. Ah, dessert Grandmother style. If only I had canned raspberries for tonight...

Opportunity Knocking

I love the visiting teaching program through our church. Once a month we go with a partner into the homes of a couple of other 'sisters' who are members of our congregation. We visit, have a short lesson/discussion about a gospel topic, and find out if there is anything they need for themselves and their families. Conversely, once a month I have the opportunity to have two 'sisters' come to my home and perform that same service for me. If you are in a bind, you can always call your visiting teachers for help. Today I found yet another blessing of this program. For those who don't know me well...I am, shall we say, organizationally challenged. Once a month I have the opportunity to get my house in order to welcome these wonderful sisters. Of course there are other reasons and opportunities to do this, but this is one that I can count on. So, here I am blogging and not feeling guilty about it. AAAhhhhh, I love a clean house in the middle of the day. Thank you, my visiting teachers :-)

Today's lesson was on Becoming Self-Reliant. Here are a few things that were taught that struck me.

What Is Self-Reliance?
“‘Self-reliance means using all of our blessings from Heavenly Father to care for ourselves and our families and to find solutions for our own problems.’ Each of us has a responsibility to try to avoid problems before they happen and to learn to overcome challenges when they occur. …

“How do we become self-reliant? We become self-reliant through obtaining sufficient knowledge, education, and literacy; by managing money and resources wisely, being spiritually strong, preparing for emergencies and eventualities; and by having physical health and social and emotional well-being.” -- Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

A Gospel Responsibility
“As we live providently and increase our gifts and talents, we become more self-reliant. Self-reliance is taking responsibility for our own spiritual and temporal welfare and for those whom Heavenly Father has entrusted to our care. Only when we are self-reliant can we truly emulate the Savior in serving and blessing others.

“It is important to understand that self-reliance is a means to an end. Our ultimate goal is to become like the Savior, and that goal is enhanced by our unselfish service to others. Our ability to serve is increased or diminished by the level of our self-reliance.” [ “A Gospel Vision of Welfare: Faith in Action,” Basic Principles of Welfare and Self-Reliance (2009), 1–2.]

I love this topic. I love that we are given gifts to help ourselves and when we do need help, there are those around us who are put into our lives to bless us. I have been on both the giving and the receiving end. I was so struck with the above concept: Our ability to serve is increased or diminished by the level of our self-reliance.

I love my Savior and am grateful for my health, circumstances, and His perfect example. I hope as I work to increase my self-reliance, that I will recognize my ability to continue to help those around me and that the Lord will guide me to do His work.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Times are Changing

I have started to feel immense anxiety building. Mostly, stemming from not keeping up on this blog. I love blogging, it is an escape of sorts but also a way for me to focus on a day or an event. My days zoom by and if I don't stop to journal or blog, they just run into one another. My days seem so similar as I reflect on them as a whole, nothing too exciting to differentiate time passing. Yet, as I stop to record a moment, that day, that time becomes special. Perhaps that is why we have been challenged to journal. Most of us feel we live unextraordinary lives and we do in a way, but the way in which we choose to meet life and live it is incredibly unique. I love hearing/reading how life was different for my grandparents, as well as for my parents. I chuckle when my own children ask, "What did you do when you were a little kid?" My life can't be so different than their right?

January 2, 2010, I was walking through the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport with my children waiting for our flight to board. As we walked, Lindsay asked what this was:
A Pay Phone. :-)

Which led to another question from Katryn. What is that?

A Phone Book. The blurry close up is a picture of Grampa and Gramma's phone number and address! "A book that has everyone's phone number?! That is so cool and helpful! - Katryn

When we got back to the gate, the education continued. Mackenzie asked what are all the empty boxes for?

Newspaper stands with 10 empty boxes. The kids loved climbing in the slots. Newspapers? What are they?

Apparently my life is changing. I had better give myself to blog now before I forget these little stories. My stress is that I want to spend quality time with my ?(insert subject) post. I keep thinking I can't blog about this until I finish blogging about that. At this rate, I will never get to blog again. I am freeing myself from the chronological chain to which I was tethered. Don't be surprised if my 'Christmas' post shows up in July. :-)