Friday, December 11, 2009

Eric's Birthday

We had a fun time celebrating Eric's Birthday this year. We went to eat at Axel's and made a chocolate cake, with a chocolate ice cream center, and chocolate frosting. The C3! The girls went shopping for him and chose some special gifts for him without any help. Katryn chose a running shirt and a race car. Lindsay: a cool new ruler and permanent pens. Mack: a BMW motorcycle, she made a Perler bead circle, and beach stickers. Nate: a blue race car. The kids all worked really hard to make Dad a humongous birthday card and Mack decorated the table with tape for the party ;-)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! We love you!


This year for Thanksgiving we were so blessed to have Eric's sister's family come to visit from Washington. Melanee, Mark, Aaron and Ryan braved the cold to spend a week in Minnesota. The girls had a great time playing with their 'big kid cousins' and their uncle and aunt. :-) Nathan was thrilled to have the testosterone equal that of the estrogen. (5 guys + 5 girls=10) One night, Eric and the rest of the guys, went to a movie. As they were preparing to leave, Nate was visibly upset and I believe, knew he was the only guy staying home. He yelled quite a bit as they were leaving. I think the Mall of America was the highlight of the week (of course this doesn't count Thanksgiving) The Malmoe's went twice, a day of shopping and a day with us to do the fun stuff. My kids thought their cousin's were crazy to go on the 'super scary' rides. They put us to shame. :-) We also played Wii and they were a great audience for the kids' antics. Nathan misses all the attention he got from Mark and Melanee. Snuggling with Melanee and wrestling with Mark. Nathan also picked this week to take his first steps! Show off! Thank you for such a fun week. We love you and miss you!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! I confess I have never made my own turkey. That didn't change this year. Mark did a fantastic job on the turkey, stuffing and yams. Thank you! I only wish I'd remembered to get a picture before the carving commenced...thus the one sided pic. We had more food than we knew what to do with. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green been casserole, cranberry relish, rolls, yams, strawberry kiwi jello, pie and I am sure I am forgetting something else. Nate went crazy for the yams and the girls for the jello. Mmmm, it makes me hungry thinking about it. Needless to say, the house smelled wonderful. We were so thankful they came to spend the holiday with us.


I am so thankful for this season, which encourages us to count our blessings and share them aloud. I am thankful for God, His Son, Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer. The fact that they know me and my needs. I am thankful for my loving husband who is my champion and true companion. I am thankful for motherhood. It is the most rewarding and difficult experience of my life. I love my children so much, they teach me something everyday. There is true wisdom in the Bible when we were encouraged to be as little children. The way they view the world amazes me. I am so thankful for parents, mine and his. I am thankful for my family, those near and far and the love and support they give me. I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ, for prayer, for scriptures and for the Holy Spirit in my life to guide me. My heart is full of gratitude that I was blessed to live in this great country, for my freedoms, for volunteer soldiers who protect me and the weak in the world, for their families who sacrifice so much for them to do this for us. I am thankful for music, the way it can touch the soul and bring goosebumps of truth. I am thankful for the seasons, even winter, :-), the unique beauty that each brings. I am thankful for the trials in my life, they push me to grow and also help me to recognize the beauty in my life. I am thankful for chocolate, squishy new socks, electric blankets, hugs, washer/dryer, magic erasers, heated seats in my van, books, photos, journals, computers, fresh cut Christmas trees, hummingbirds, horses, light, food, education, self reliance, help, and love. I think I should make a 'counting my blessing' paragraph every month. The miracle of counting is once you start, there is no end. One thought triggers another, and that triggers ten heart is full. I am blessed.