Thursday, July 23, 2009

Riding Lessons

Katryn had her first riding lessons. She has always had a love of horses, unicorns, pegasus', and ponies so she was very excited! The horse she rode is "Sheik". She did a wonderful job and is a real natural. Katryn was a bit surprised at how sore her muscles were the next day :-)

Gorgeous! This is her favorite picture.

What are they teaching them?

The race! They took all the students' boots off and tossed them at the other end of the corral, mixed them up and had the girls ride down, dismount, find their boots, put them on, climb on the horse and trot back to the start! Very fun! (Tied the first race and took second the next race)

Posture a mother loves and is jealous of...

15th Anniversary

Eric and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary on the 16th! I took the kids with me to help me find a new dress to mark the occasion. That was a fun time ;-) The girls helped me find a beautiful royal blue and black dress. I am ashamed to admit, I didn't get a picture of us that night.

We went out on our big date the following night. We went to a wonderful restaurant, NorthCoast in Wayzata. We had a beautiful view of Lake Minnetonka. After a delicious dinner (I went for the filet mignon and Eric had the ribeye) and dessert (molten chocolate cake) we walked along the pier for a bit and came upon a darling park on the water. Next to the park were these fabulous birdhouses. I'm not entirely sure birdhouse is the correct term...perhaps high-rise Bird Apartments would be more appropriate. :-)

Later that night we went to see the film, "Angels and Demons". Quite fun. The funniest part was the lady with an extremely long braid down her back. She walked in chewing on a very long piece of straw. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy people watching?

I am amazed fifteen years has passed. I can't believe how fast the time has flown and also how many experiences we have shared. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband and friend. He still makes me laugh and even surprises me. :-) He is so loving and protective of our family. I love you Eric. To our adventures in the next 15...

9 Months, Are you kidding!?

Nathan and his cousin Arianna on the 11th, exactly 9 mos :-)

Nathan is 9 months already! To mark the occasion, he cut three more teeth (Top right: 07/10, bottom right: 07/12, Top left: 07/22.) He had his 9 month Well Baby Check on July 13. He had two shots, one in each leg :-( , he weighed 19 lbs, length: 29", and his noggin measured 47.5 cm. (We have a saying in our family: "Big Noggin, Big Brains") Nathan was rolling everywhere he wanted until the last week in June when he discovered army crawling worked pretty well. He mastered the army crawl while we were in AZ the week of the 4th of July and hasn't looked back since! He is Fast!! Nathan still loves books (anything with a pop up or a picture of a baby are his faves). He also loves food. So far he has liked everything and seems to really enjoy green beans the most (of the veggies). Nathan is incredibly sweet and loves to hug and snuggle and tell us all about is day.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alligators at the Airport

On our way out to the parking garage at the airport, Mackenzie asked if she could "Push the button on the Alligator". What? She pointed to the elevator bank as we neared it and repeated her request. 'Elevator' is a word she knows and says, it was 12:30 am. 'Alligator' it is. :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"I am your father?"

A couple of months ago, Eric thought it was time he exposed the two older girls to the Star Wars Trilogy (the original). They loved it I much as we did! My girls have been happily playing Star Wars ever since. Lindsay even received a couple of Star Wars figures for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. Just a few days ago, Katryn and Lindsay were playing Star Wars again and were giggling about something. I asked what was so funny, then they admitted to me that they were laughing because they always pretend Dad is Han Solo. I thought that was pretty cool. Then I asked if they pretend I (their sweet and loving Mom) am a Star Wars character. Big eyes looked at me then one another then me again. Hmmmm. Then they started laughing and said you are "Dark Vader" (Linds doesn't believe anyone that the word is Darth). Me Vader? Why me? Am I representative of the Dark side?! I smiled and bemusedly asked how I got to be so 'lucky'. The answer: Mom, you sound just like Vader. When you are making his voice, your Vader is better than Dad's! OK. Vader I am. :-) May the Force be with you!

PS: My favorite 'fun app' on the iphone...the Lightsaber.