Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Spice of Life?

MMMMMmmmmmmmm Mom I like salmon! MMMMMmmmmm I like salt stuff! (aka Lawry's) If a little is good...
(Please click on the picture to get the full and glorious effect)

Preschool Rhymes

We love the little rhymes with actions at our house. I think the favorite is probably the 5 Squirrels taught to me by my mom...

5 Squirrels
5 little squirrels sitting in a tree,
the 1st squirrel says, "What do I see?"
(Hand like a visor above the eyes)
The 2nd squirrel says, "I smell a gun!"
(Touch your nose and look suspicious)
The 3rd squirrel says, "OOH let's run!"
(Pretend you are running with your arms moving quickly)
The 4th squirrel says, "Let's hide in the shade."
(Hide behind both hands)
The 5th squirrel says, "I'm not afraid"
(Say with confidence and pretend you are holding a suspender out)
Then BANG went the gun and away they all run!
(Clap your hands together loudly for the gun shot then scurry your fingers behind your back.

Any other favorites out there?

Meet Stubby aka Lucky...

He's one of our new neighbors :-)


What is wrong with this picture?

At church a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to convince Mackenzie that her shoes were on the wrong foot, to no avail of course. I believe her quote went something like this, "No isn't! They my shoes! They FINE!" While I was listening to the speaker I started wondering about my 'shoes' being on the wrong foot. How many times does God patiently try to tell me I have my shoes backwards? How often do I brush aside His wisdom thinking I already have the right answer. Amazing how His perspective is perfect. I do things all the time being in the midst of something only to gain that 20/20 vision of hindsight later. Mackenzie came home that day saying her feet hurt and her shoes were "too owie" and still not believing me that she should switch them. Hmmm. I ruefully noticed a few 'blisters' in my life and have vowed to try much more diligently to trust a larger perspective, His. l love parenthood. I love my Heavenly Father and am so overwhelmed at His patience with me.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Big 5!

It is official. Lindsay Kaye is 5 years old today! We had a very busy day doing some of her favorite things. She had a soccer game this morning and even scored a goal! Then this afternoon, the entire family including Nana, visiting from WA went to the Mall of America to visit the Rainforest Cafe for dinner, the American Girl Store for an outfit for her doll and go on a few rides! She went on the Blue's Clues Skidoo ride, the bumper cars and the carousel. We came home exhausted and happy. Lindsay opened her gifts and she blew out her "5" candle on her cake. (We will all get to try it tomorrow. We had the 'Volcano' dessert at the Cafe and she was sung to by the employees. The Volcano is a pile of vanilla ice cream, surrounded by planks of brownie topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce and the best part...a sparkler) For the official birthday cake Lindsay requested a yellow, smiley face funfetti cake with purple eyes and smile. :-) What a fun day! Happy Birthday sweetheart, I love you and your sparkly eyes and smile. You bring so much joy to our family. Have a wonderful year 5!

Lindsay's Faves:
Color: Purple
Stuffed Animal: Bun Bun

Nathan 8 months!?

Nate is 8 months old and just cute as ever (if not cuter if that is possible)! He is sitting much steadier, and rolling all over place. Just yesterday, he was trying to crawl a bit! The next amazing milestone....Nate cut his first tooth today (6/13)! I measured him at 27 1/4 inches. He is amazing, I am so thankful Nathan is our son, he brings so much joy to our family.