Wednesday, May 6, 2009

100 Posts

I just got on to do a little more ranting. It seems to be my modus operandi as of late. Then I noticed this is my 100th post. My how time flies. Perhaps I shall post something a bit milder first....

Chorus to "Miracles" by Sally DeFord

There are hands I cannot hold
Hearts I cannot comfort
Tears that only miracles can stay
So let me love and sere and teach
Those who come within my reach
For miracles begin that way

Today is amazing, 65F, partly cloudy, warm enough for bare feet, Nathan's first time in a 'real swing', loud laughter as I pushed Lindsay and Mack on the swings, a bit of Spring cleaning, a piece of chocolate, three kids napping quietly, dry training pants so far ;-), Ensign magazine in the mail, gerber daisies are bright, tulips are growing (one finally has a visible purple bloom), new squirrel as a neighbor, green grass, popcorn popping on the apricot trees (OK, they aren't really apricot trees. a girl can dream), no sack lunch today, husband has a job, my children have WONDERFUL teachers, capri pants, crisp white shirt, healthy family, smiling kids (w/dimples), and a chattering chipmunk running by the fence.

The new neighbor

Three going at once, not bad :-)




Nate's cute feet

Lindsay's first time down the firepole at the park!

I couldn't resist

Friday, May 1, 2009

Parenthood - a good thing

Parenthood: The days are long, but the years are short. Enjoy this link.

H1N1 aka Swine Flu

Before I begin my rant...Nathan loves this pig! He (Nathan)is so cute!

Further proof our media is insane. H1N1 is a flu. No more deadly than the 'regular' influenza. Anyone in the media find it curious that the majority of deaths are in Mexico? Hmmm could it be that Mexico's healthcare system isn't as good as ours? Perhaps they are unable to get into see their doctors as soon as we can in America? No, that can't possibly be the case, because the media likes to tell us how 'broken' our healthcare system is. I took literally 12 seconds to Google flu related deaths:

In 2009, CDC published additional estimates of flu-related deaths comparing different methods, including the methods used in the 2003 JAMA study. The seasons studied included the 1993-94 through the 2002-03 flu seasons [9]. Results from this study showed that during this time period, 36,171 flu-related deaths occurred per year, on average. (This was taken directly from the CDC website)

36,000 deaths/yer in the United States alone, from the regular run of the mill flu bug. Does the media 'run with that story'?

For such a modern world, this almost constant alarmist knee jerk reaction is quite bothersome and disappointing. Let's stop panicking. Let's take a breath. Let's ponder our options. Let's trust our common sense. Let's take a moment to notice the silver linings. We look for the bad, we will find it. We look for the good, it will be found.


Last Friday, Lindsay and I went to the Kindergarten Center for an open house. The future Kinders went to a room and met a 'real' Kindergarten teacher and 'pretended' to be Kindergartners while the parents went to a Q&A. Lindsay made an "I am growing up" necklace, played with the kids, and the highlight...toured a 'real' school bus and sat in one of the seats. When we were reunited afterward, Lindsay simply said, "Mom, I wish Summer was already over!"

I was saddened my little Linds was growing up so fast, happy she was so excited, and horrified that anyone living in Minnesota literally days after the last frost would wish summer over for any reason.