Saturday, December 27, 2008

What's Not to Love?

Nathan in the Bumbo :-)

O.J. et al

Why do they call O.J. O.J. Mom?

It is a nickname for orange juice.

Oh. I would like some A.J., it is a nickname for apple juice.

(I smile big) O.K. here is your A.J.

(skip to dinner. we are about to have some Archer Farms Italian Sodas sold at Target and very delicious. Once in a while we have some as a treat with dinner. One of our favorite flavors is Blood Orange.)

Lindsay asks for some A.J. again and I said, "Are you sure? You can have some B.O., Blood Orange." Yes, I said that. It was a moment of shear insanity. The whole family bursts into the giggles. Next Katryn asks if she can have some Pink Peach.

I hear the gasps of horror from you now...and yes Eric says, "You mean P.P.?"

Needless to say, Mackenzie has asked for P.P. to drink for dinner the subsequent three nights. What have we done?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

What a beautiful Christmas we had. Christmas Eve was wonderful, we had pizza (enjoyed it so much we are considering adding it to our traditions), finished wrapping gifts, sang carols & read the Christmas account in Luke 2. I highly recommend the pizza if your 'Eve' gets a bit crazy like ours has in the past.

Christmas morning we woke about 7:30ish (on strict orders from Dad that we would get up when there was sunlight) (I know, I know, we have no sense of adventure...) We all came downstairs together, I got the camera and video taped the procession. This was the first Christmas Mackenzie could make any sense of, what a joy! The 'hit' of the morning was a 'Big Wheel', yes very retro and very cool, go Santa. The problem of course was there is only one, and it belongs to Lindsay. The great thing about Lindsay though, is she has been great at sharing. :-) Katryn added on to her horse collection, they are beautiful! Mackenzie went to town with her 'choo choo' and Dancie-time Brobee. The kids had a wonderful time finding the perfect gift for one another. It was so fun to watch their expressions as they watched their siblings open 'it'. The first glimmer of understanding how it feels to give. Lest you feel it all went a little too smoothly, never fear, the 'it had been an entirely too exciting day so I am going to burst into tears for no apparent reason' happened to a few. :-) You know the ones...they show up at the zoo, birthday parties, Disneyland,etc. All in all, it was perfect. I put a bow on Nathan's head (the gift kind, not the hair kind, I know he is a boy) and put him under the tree. I couldn't have had a more perfect gift this year.

We had our big dinner Christmas night. After a low key day, that was simply perfect for us. Ham with brown sugar and pineapple, Funeral Potatoes (crazy nickname for the potato dish that is often brought to funerals in the Mormon faith), green salad, steamed carrots (Katryn's request) and of course yummy rolls (notice I said yummy not homemade, I was specifically asked not to make rolls). Eric made us Orange Dream Floats for dessert. We all loved it!

I am so grateful for the Christmas season. I am frequently overwhelmed with awe that our Savior, Jesus Christ would come to us in such humble circumstances. His coming was heralded by angels, and the most humble heard their sweet strains. I think it no accident it was the meek shepherds who were called to welcome our Shepherd and the wise and learned who had known what the new star meant and took action to find this newly born king. May we be humble enough to know all things are from Him and wise enough to follow His perfect example.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008


One of my favorite things to about having a new baby is enjoying all of their 'firsts'. First smile, giggle, etc. is very heartwarming. First cold...not so much. May it be over quickly.

It's an Old Fashioned Christmas

Mom? Did you see what it said in my school notebook? We are having an Old Fashioned Christmas party today (12/19), with wassail and molasses cookies! - Katryn

Sounds very fun! - Mom

You know...that's why I am wearing this. It is 100% Cotton. (Long Sleeve white t-shirt) I thought that would be great for old fashioned. 100% Cotton is old fashioned. - Katryn

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


He giggled. Nathan giggled for the first time yesterday as we played Pat-a-cake. I struggle to think of a sweeter sound than a baby giggling. My heart melted and I of course teared up (my family loves my waterworks). Eric had just come home from work and was there next to us to hear him.

Perhaps someone should do a study on the effect of the sound of baby giggles on one's psyche. Maybe that should be the alarm clock noise versus the beep beep beep. I really think, I would wake up with a smile on my face. Carry the study further, pump the baby giggling sounds throughout a prison a couple of times a day. I would be surprised if it did not have a calming effect. I am sure my blood pressure drops and endorphins are released at that sweet sound of purity and joy.

Superheroes Wear a Variety of Disguises

Last night I was so sick. I hate to think it was the delicious butternut squash soup but...Any way, the temperature was well into the negatives numbers, we won't even discuss wind chill and my sweet husband volunteered and went to the store for ginger ale and Pepto for me. Minnesota may be known for its niceness but certainly not for its convenience. CVS, Super Target, Rainbow Foods and five different 'Convenience' Stores were all closed (it was 11:30 pm after all). Finally, he found a Cub Foods open. After taking care of me and my green gills, Nathan woke up and Eric took over. They fell asleep on in the recliner upstairs and I dozed on the couch until 3:30 or so, before I felt well enough to go to bed. I woke this morning feeling tired but great. Eric, thank you for taking care of us and being the family superhero again. :-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome Paisley!

On December 11th our newest niece was born. Paisley Claire Ellsworth is beautiful and we are so thrilled! Our nephews Brennen and Tate are such great big brothers!

Two Months Already!

As you can see, I am really trying to play 'catch-up'. These are pictures of Nathan when he turned two months on December 11th. We are doing our best to fatten him up. He is adorable, I know I am totally unbiased. And yes, that adult hand is my Mother's, no, she is not here...I thought I was taking a picture of my hand...I just don't understand... ;-)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Sared (rhymes with Scared)

Last weekend we bought our Christmas tree and brought it home, put it in a bucket of water until we were ready to set it up. On Monday, I put the tree up in the tree stand while Lindsay and Mackenzie were taking a nap. When Mackenzie woke up she ran into the room and stopped wide-eyed in the middle of the room. She yelled "TREE! TREE!" She grabbed her stomach with both hands and yelled, "I Sared!" (I'm Scared) She then ran to the opposite side of the room and kept saying "Tree! I Sared!" Katryn and I both tried to calm her and show her the tree wouldn't hurt her. Katryn even carried her over to the tree to touch it with her. Terrified. The good news is she got over her fear the next night when we decorated the tree. Pure glee! Mackenzie couldn't quite figure out how to hang the ornaments but was so excited to get the "bollies" on the tree, she would hand the ornaments to all of us faster than we could hang them! She loves the tree!