Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Big Day!

Today was our ward's (congregation's) Primary Program. It is an annual program in which the children ages 3-11 participate. There is a new theme each year and new songs to learn. Of course the children each get to say a little part. Well Katryn was one of 3 children asked to share a talk (short message) about 1-2 minutes long. Her subject was on preparing to go to the temple someday. She was a bit nervous to speak in front of the entire congregation, but she practiced for the last two weeks and when it came time for her to go, she spoke clearly and even made eye contact with the audience! We are so proud of her!

Lindsay was asked to give her first primary talk today, during primary (the children's Sunday School group with all ages before they split into classes). She was asked to give her talk (a spiritual oral message) on prayer. Lindsay was so excited! She also practiced very hard and knew her talk very well! There were some 'technical difficulties' and the microphone wasn't working. We were a bit worried since we were even having difficulty understanding the adult introducing the children. Lindsay stood right up and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear! She also did a wonderful job sharing the message!!! We are so proud of her!

Great job singing today and sharing your talks Katryn and Lindsay! We love you!

Surprise! or not

Lindsay informed me tonight she was going to surprise me. A few minutes later, she came down with her P.J.s on without being asked. Of course I oooed and aahhhed appropriately. Then she tells me there is more to come. A little while later, Eric tells Katryn to go up and get ready for bed, I was on the phone, so I covered the mouth piece and asked Lindsay to go brush her teeth. A crestfallen look immediately covered her face and the tears soon followed. "That was going to be my other surprise, but now you said it!" The only comfort I could offer was to point out Dad didn't know about the surprise and she should hurry and surprise him. Half a grin and she was off like lightning. Before she could reach the top of the stairs, Dad calls out, (you guessed it) "Linds, please go brush your teeth!" Promptly she runs down the stairs to me completely distraught. "It's ruined! It's ruined!"

Let's just say it was awhile before we could convince her to brush her teeth.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Time is Flying

Three weeks. Twenty-one days. I can hardly believe how fast and how slow this pregnancy has gone! I am officially 'full term' so I am relaxing a bit. This sweet baby is so active, he is always on the move, and loves to stretch. He is fast running out of room! The last week or two, I have even outgrown by maternity wear. Lovely. Ah well. I am just so excited to meet our son. I am always amazed how quickly a new baby seems to have always been a part of the family. It becomes difficult to remember 'pre-baby'.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Learned Humor or Learning Humor?

One of my favorite things about my 20 month old, Mackenzie is her desire to 'be big'. She has watched her big sisters all summer long read the jokes on their Popsicle sticks after they are done eating. They would laugh every time, even though there seems to be only about 6 or 7 different jokes. Mackenzie, quickly deduced this was very funny so after she eats a popsicle, she finds someone to read her the joke. She will immediately start laughing as soon as you stop talking. It is the funniest laugh, very forced at first, then everyone else laughs and it becomes sweetly real. (If you are new to the process and don't understand why she is handing you her stick and try to throw it away, be prepared for a true meltdown.)

Today's Popsicle Joke of the Day: What is the saddest tree?
Answer: A Weeping Willow

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Singin' in the Rain

Katryn came home from school and was a bit disappointed the weather forecast was way off and she didn't get to use her umbrella that day. She commented on how beautiful it was. Then with a sparkle in her eye, she said it was a perfect day to dance with her umbrella. Lindsay and Mackenzie soon followed (a neighbor boy also later joined in the fun)!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Today was an amazingly beautiful day! After the youngest two woke from their naps, Mackenzie said she wanted to "go aside". I said yes of course, but told them both I really needed to finish doing the dishes first before I could join them. They could play on the sidewalk with some chalk or play in the backyard. Lindsay kept coming in to ask if I was done yet (every two minutes or so). Then I hear this very sweet "oh!", and hear her footsteps coming in yet again. This time Lindsay says, "Guess what Mom!? I have a special surprise for you. I know how you could get done faster with the dishes!" I think to myself, "Fewer interruptions...", fortunately I didn't say it out loud :-)! Then she says "Pixie Dust!" I look at her with a puzzled look on my face and she begins to clap. Pixie Dust flying everywhere. She has rubbed her hands in her chalk drawing and is clapping chalk dust all over me. "Mom, now you can fly while you do the dishes! You can go really fast now!" I laughed and thanked her for the gift. She comes in 3 more times to anoint me in the next couple of minutes. Then as I finish, I turn to walk to the front door. Imagine my surprise to find her Pixie Dust footprints on the newly cleaned wood floor running between the front door and the kitchen. The floor will have to wait, it is a beautiful day, I have a 'wonderful thought' to help me fly, and my pixies are waiting for me.


This weekend, we went downtown to do some window shopping and to get to know the downtown a bit more. Much of the shopping area in Minneapolis is connected with skyways, so you don't actually have to go outside during harsh weather. Mackenzie soon got bored of being in the stroller so we let her down and she took off running. She is considerably faster than me in my present state. She soon grew tired of waiting for us to catch up and discovered the very useful 'handicap' buttons to open the doors...needless to say, our tour was not quite as leisurely as we had hoped. She even out ran her older sisters. The only time she seemed interested in her stroller after that was when it was offered to Lindsay. Mack's Motto: The stroller must remain empty, just in case I need it. The trip was fun, after all we ended with an Orange Julius. (Katryn and I highly recommend their Strawberry Lemonade Julius)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hello Autumn

Labor Day had a high of 90 degrees, ever since then the temperature has fallen dramatically. Is Mother Nature that in tune to our calendar? We have had only highs in the low 70's (on occasion) usually in the 60's. The maple tree in our front yard has officially 'changed', it is beautiful; full of reds, oranges, lime, and yellow. It is 68 degrees right now, so I took Lindsay and Mackenzie outside to play while I pulled weeds while we waited for Katryn's school bus. It is so gorgeous right now! After we got back from the bus stop, I continued pulling weeds, Mackenzie sat down next to me and then laid down in the grass and sighed deeply. I looked over at her and realized she had the right idea...Lindsay and I joined her and watched the wispy clouds blow by for about 10 minutes, 10 minutes of bliss and perfection.

Autumn Fires
Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the fall!

--Robert Louis Stevenson

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day of Preschool

Today was Lindsay's first day back to Preschool! She also picked out her very purple outfit and was so excited to go to class and see her teachers, old friends and new friends! We are so proud of Lindsay and we know she is going to have a great year. She decorated a Lindsay puppet and had a tea party. At the end of the day, she had a lot of fun tickling her friends Amber and Miranda with some of the fun colored feathers! We love you Lindsay!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

2nd Grade!? Second Grade!? How can Katryn be a second grader this year? We are so proud of her. Yesterday was the first day of school and she could hardly wait for it to start. She picked out her outfit down to the perfect accessories and has me polish her finger and toenails. She had a wonderful day and even survived the rules review that happens at the start of each year. It rained so it was inside recess (mildly disappointed, but she had a turn on the class computer, which made it all better!). Stuffed crust pizza for lunch and Art for her specialist class! Can't beat that combination! Have a wonderful year sweetheart!

End of Summer Hurrah!

The whole family and even Nana went to Chicago for Labor Day weekend. We had a fantastic time! We left Friday morning and arrived that evening around 7pm, (not bad considering all the mental health breaks we took for the kids and ourselves on the way). We went to the Peggy Noteabeart Nature Museum (don't let the name fool you, it is amazing and the kids love it)! One of the highlights is their Butterfly Room!

Next we went to a "Mad Science" demonstration with dry ice! It was the favorite for the kids and probably us too! The scientist put dry ice into an empty balloon and tied it up. Due to 'sublimation' (Sublimation is the term for when matter undergoes a phase transition directly from a solid to gaseous form, or vapor, without passing through the more common liquid phase between the two. It is a specific case of vaporization.) the dry ice chips go directly from a solid to a gas, thus blowing up the balloon! Very cool! The scientist also added dry ice to soapy water and we had a great time popping bubbles filled with 'smoke'!

We also made it to the Millennium Fountain where the girls had a great time getting wet! The fountain has two huge faces facing each other and every 10 minutes or so they spray water (seemingly out of the mouths of the ever changing faces). It is a blast!

We also made it to the Museum of Science and Industry and I was amazed at the special glass exhibit, including a live glass blowing demonstration. Below are a couple of my favorites. The wavy glass bowls were huge, about three feet across the top and the colors were so vivid and played with the light, they seemed to glow.

We did many many other things and had a fantastic time, we miss Chicago and love enjoying the city whenever we can.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Too Soon

My sweet Grandmother left us sooner than anyone of us imagined. She passed the morning I left for my visit with her. I confess when I did arrive, her home seemed empty and I thought I had the house to myself. I sat in her chair and said aloud, "Grandmother, you didn't wait for me! I hope you know I will take my own revenge...I plan on reading your journals and going through your purse!" I could just hear her laughing and saying, "Kristin, you dear heart, that sounds good to me." Her purse surprisingly had 5 packs of gum in it! I am not sure I have ever seen her chew gum before...I thought that was quite funny! Grandmother was a prolific journal writer. I have truly been inspired to write in my own journal more regularly. What a blessing her journals were to read. Two of my favorite entries: She spoke of visiting my family when I was about 4yrs. old and going with all of us to see "The Jungle Book" movie at the drive-in..."It cost $11.00, I nearly fainted!" and the other talked of passing something major off on her way to attaining her Masters degree, "I was so pleased, I stopped to buy a cantaloupe for Mother and I to eat in celebration!" Did I mention, Grandmother was a health nut?

My siblings, my parents and most of our extended family were all able to be there together, we spent quite awhile reading the journals and going through many wonderful pictures. We all played a few rounds of "Screwy Louis" and "Big Boggle" (5x5 grid), two of her favorite games. I ate Grapenuts on my cereal, with ground flaxseed and some fruit cut up on top for breakfast, just like she did for most breakfasts. I wore purple to her funeral, her favorite color. My Mom ate "potatoes for dessert", because my Grandmother loved potatoes so much she used to say that is what she would have for dessert. We all did quirky Grandmother things to personally honor her memory. Her funeral was FULL of people who loved her. She touched so many lives. My aunt Rebecca, shared a wonderful life sketch and my two uncles Brad and Randy shared very moving thoughts of her and her own thoughts. She was a woman of great strength, though she probably didn't recognize that. She left us on her own terms, quickly and peacefully after a wonderful evening reminiscing with her sisters and her children. If only we could all leave that way.

Grandmother, I love you so much. I miss you more than I can express. I am thrilled for your sweet reunion with my Grandfather. Thank you for sharing your love and unfailing testimony, and your love of our Savior Jesus Christ. You inspire me.