Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So my 18 month old just did her business on the toilet. She got 'the look' on her face so I asked her if she would like to try to go in the potty. She said yes. Truthfully I wasn't expecting anything to happen, just thought I would help clue her in. We went in, she refused to sit down, her potty has Pooh Bear on it and is so much fun to play with. So I walked out with a shrug. She comes out a few minutes later and says "uh-oh". I figure she has peed on the floor, so I told her to get a towel to clean it up (we've done that a few times). I walk in and go bonkers! She is totally unsure how to react to my joy! Then she got all excited and started jumping up and down. The whole family is chanting and she thinks this is all pretty cool. Hopefully, this euphoria continues! Congratulations Mackenzie! Sorry if this grosses you out, wait until you experience it. Definitely blog-worthy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My Grandmother is amazing! She is one of the main reasons I not only finished college, but went on to teach. She is an artist, and has a wonderfully creative mind. She reads constantly, usually at least two books at once. She also got me into the practice of yoga. She loves the Savior with all her heart and never fails to tell me how blessed we are to live in this time; that we have the benefits of phone calls and airplane trips across this country to keep in touch. My Grandmother loves her family fiercely and loves to serve. She is beautiful. Her favorite words are classy, jazzy, and if you are on her bad may be called a lumberjack! Shades of purple surround her, it is a wonderful color on her. There are few things as lovely as an evening playing Big Boggle (5x5 grid) with Grandmother, and yes, Grandmother, you may do three letter words, although you do not need them. Just remember to do your yoga breathing everyone.

Monday, July 28, 2008


For Lindsay's 4th Birthday, she received a bubble making machine (no more light heads for me)! We took it outside and let the girls enjoy. Lindsay kept yelling, "It's Bubbletopia!" Mackenzie couldn't stop shrieking with glee, and Katryn even let the 'big girl' get into the fun!

Friday, July 25, 2008


I have a dear friend who is moving this weekend. They literally have known about the move for just over a week, so things were a bit harried. I decided to go over there with my kids (bringing videos and snacks to keep them busy) and try to help pack. I was sure it would be for a short while before the kids would be too restless and I would be forced to go. I had even given myself a pep talk that "Even if I pack just one box, that is one they didn't have to do." Imagine my surprise when my sweet children were patient with us for nearly 6 hours! Sometimes, I don't give them credit for their awareness. I think they could sense the importance of what we were doing. Thank you girls for your patience. You truly helped perform a great service. They were so sweet, we went back yesterday for a couple more hours and they were amazing. They truly are a blessing in my life and I am so grateful to be a/their mother.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well, yesterday & late last night I painted my powder room. It is called 'Gardener Green' and I think it looks great! I must confess, I started laughing when I hung my hand towel rack back up with my 'chic' chocolate brown towel. My powder room is dangerously close to being an avocado green bathroom from 1968. I am actually planning on black/white/silver for my accents, but the brown made me giggle. I need to do another coat on two of the walls but other than that I am pleased. Our home is 'builder beige' (beats white, but...) and the beige has a hint of gray to it. It always seems a bit dark or dingy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Beginning

One's first official blog is a bit intimidating. I have been continually 'encouraged' to join the blogging world from a variety of loved ones. I am finally taking the plunge. I've no idea what my focus might be and maybe that is perfect for me.

I thought I might explain my title... I am often intrigued by the 'common sense' idiom. How did it come to be? Common sense is frequently an illusive idea in our culture. I try to see it as humorous and other times I get frustrated with its MIA quality. The frustration especially comes when it is I who with a bit of hindsight sees I completely missed the boat on something. I also think we, as a society have gotten too busy to have common sense. The ability to 'multi-task' has taken away those down times in the day when we used to actually think. We are almost afraid of true down time and quiet moments. We plug in our ipods, talk on the cell, or watch something we Tivo'd, because we can. We no longer have that night when there is nothing on TV, we recorded our favorite shows earlier while we were busy for just such an emergency. If we don't have time to think through a situation or our day how can we possibly approach it with any semblance of common sense. We are starting to trust our own opinions less and less and rely on the scrolling banner on the news, or the shock value titles on the news sites to gain our knowledge and understanding. We just don't have time to think...thank goodness we have others to do it for us. :-)

I sound a bit like Vizzini from the Princess Bride (One of the best movies ever made). Truly dizzying. I will probably be much more random in the future.